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Attorney and author Rick Friedman: Rick built his reputation representing people and small businesses injured by large corporations and government agencies. His cases include those involving catastrophic injury, wrongful death, medical malpractice, insurance bad faith, and business torts. Among Rick's landmark cases are Myrick v. Mastagni, believed to be the first case in California holding a building owner liable for injuries sustained in an earthquake, and Robinson v. State Farm, which exposed State Farm using phony doctor's reports to deny claims. He has obtained four verdicts in the past twelve years which LawyersUSA ranked in the top ten verdicts of the year.

Rick is a member of the Inner Circle of Advocates and the author of three books on trial advocacy published by Trial Guides: Rules of the Road:  A Plaintiff Lawyer's Guide to Proving Liability; Polarizing the Case: Exposing and Defeating the Malingering Myth, On Becoming a Trial Lawyer; and The Elements of Trial.   He practices in Alaska, Washington, and California, and also appears pro hac vice in state and federal courts around the country.
Nancy Leavitt Fineman was one of the lead attorneys who obtained a $1.15 billion judgment against lead paint manufacturers for creating a public nuisance. This lawsuit seeks to improve the lives of children by removing the lead paint from pre-1978 homes.
Robert Buccola has attained record verdicts and settlements including a state record personal injury verdict of $34.9 million awarded to a man and his wife, who suffered a head injury and was paralyzed from the waist down when a semi-truck crossed the center line and plowed into her bus.
Randy Scarlett: In a consolidated case tried with attorney Robert Allard, a Monterey County jury awarded the plaintiffs nearly $18.7 million and held Caltrans 60% responsible for knowing about a dangerous highway condition that resulted in two deaths. Mr. Scarlett's plaintiffs were awarded more than $9.4 million.  Robert Allard: In the consolidated case tried with attorney Randy Scarlett, Mr. Allard's plaintiffs were awarded nearly $9.3 million. Plaintiffs also argued that defendant trucking company, through its employee, negligently operated a big rig truck so as to be a substantial factor in the collision and ensuing deaths.
Jim Allen: San Jose jury awarded the residents of California Hawaiian Mobile Estates $111 million, the largest such award for a failure-to-maintain lawsuit against a mobile home park in California. Defendant was Equity Lifestyle Properties, the largest mobile home park owner in the nation. Attorney Kathryn Stebner:  Proving a Rape and Molestation Case against an Elder with an Unknown Perpetrator  In 1987, Kathryn Stebner filed the first elder abuse lawsuit in California history. For the past four years, she has been involved in working with a legislative team on issues related to California long-term care, state policies and laws. 
Carol L. Bauss, J.D. & Sr. Litigation Consultant Ms. Bauss is highly sought after for her expertise in juror attitudes and jury decision-making, and the art of communication in the courtroom. Attorney Jeff Mitchell: Winning Your Case at Every Deposition An outline of strategies for examining defense experts, medical witness, and the like.  Mr. Mitchell will go over good and bad strategies for getting the answers that you need to win your case..
Attorney John Stralen: $7.4 million jury verdict with 100% fault to Folsom Lake Ford in a case that claimed the dealership failed to repair a steering issue that caused serious injuries. Demand: $500,000 (C.C.P. §998), Offer: $350,000 to husband and $50,000 to wife. Attorney Kirsten Fish: §998 Offers - Avoiding Potential Traps and Pitfalls Most recent California cases involving statutory offers to compromise under §998, including the factors to consider in making a §998 offer and how to draft your offer so as to avoid the many potential traps and pitfalls of this cost shifting statute.
Attorney John Feder: The Power of Visual Evidence John is the current president of CAOC. Feder has written and lectured extensively in the personal injury field for CAOC, SFTLA, and State of California CEB. He was a finalist for the 2010 and 2006 CAOC's Attorney of The Year Award.
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Our Line Up of 2013 Presenters

Attorney Geoffrey Fieger: "Trial Warriors: Why We Need Them More Than Ever" Fieger appears regularly on CNN, Fox, MSNBC and other networks commenting on various legal issues and cases. He has built a multi-million dollar law firm staying true to the ideals of his activist father. He holds record jury awards in several states and believes in protecting the individual from the threat and control of big business. He has defended Dr. Jack Kevorkian and Nathaniel Abraham — the youngest person ever tried for murder as an adult in the U.S.
Attorney Michael Alder: AlderLaw is listed as one of California’s “Winningest Law Firms” based on jury verdicts by VerdictSearch. In the last 12 months Alder has 14 seven-figure verdicts and settlements. He has given nationwide seminars on litigation.
Attorney Wiliam Gilbert: $716 million verdict awarded to the parents of a Florida man who was killed by a high school senior who got in his Camaro after buying beer at a local convenience store. Featured in The National Law Journal, Top Verdicts of the Year.
Dr. Sonia Chopra, Sr. Litigation Consultant: Maximizing Damages: The Right Jurors, The Right Arguments. Dr. Chopra applies current social science theory to a wide variety of legal issues.  She has been involved in the litigation consulting field for over 15 years. Hon. James S. Ware (Ret.): Judge Ware will share his experience from the bench of jurors expecting attorneys to use 21st century tools to effectively communicate their case. Judge Ware served on the Federal bench for 22 years. He is now a mediator at JAMS.
Hon. Jacqueline Connor (Ret.): With the advent of social media, can the integrity of our jury trials be preserved? Judge Connor is nationally recognized for her study of juries. Named one of Lawdragon’s leading judges in 2006, she is now a mediator at ADR Services. Attorney Jeff MitchellLessons Learned from a Loss He has attained two record setting verdicts and innumerable six, seven & eight figure settlements. From his most recent case, Mitchell will share what he learned by being defensed.
Attorney Randy Scarlett: Mr. Scarlett has been named one of the leading plaintiffs’ lawyers in America by Lawdragon Magazine. He started as a clerk at Melvin Belli’s office and would later become his partner while trying numerous cases with him. Attorney Alejandro Blanco:  With experience in over one hundred civil trials, he is recognized and sought after by other attorneys to join their trial teams. Blanco will show how focus groups help discover the story.
Morgan C. Smith: Demonstrative Evidence Morgan founded Cogent Legal to build a firm that specializes in litigation presentations. He was a founding partner at The Arns Law Firm. Morgan and his partners tried many cases with multimillion-dollar verdicts and settlements. Attorney Stewart Albertson: Jury Selection: This case is about the “money”. $5.65 million jury verdict in a San Bernardino wrongful death case. I was honest with the jurors in voir dire and closing, stating that this case is about the “money.” The jurors agreed.
Attorney Shawn J. McCann: $1.2M jury verdict after $20K Defense offer. P rear-ends D when D pulls in front of P in order to make a left-hand turn. P delays treatment. D contested injuries. Honored by AAJ: New Lawyers Division F. Scott Baldwin Trial Lawyer of the Year Award, 2011. Attorney H. Gavin Long: Strategies for Addressing Comparative Negligence Arguments $120K jury verdict. P was at a party and accidentally entered the garage of D. She was attacked by their pit bull. No contributory negligence was found despite her high blood alcohol level.
Special Focus Group Demonstration
Steve Estey credits focus groups for his trial verdicts, testing specific issues within each case or to prepare for a particular deposition. His last three verdicts were for $30 million, $11.2 million & $23 million. Finlay Boag serves on the staff and teaches at the Gerry Spence TLC. In 2010, Finlay was part of a team that had over $94 million dollars in verdicts and settlements. Robert Allard secured one of the largest PI settlements in California last year. He was honored with a 2012 Califoria Lawyer Attorneys of the Year award for his work in representing victims of childhood molestation.

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